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FDG Products is committed to provide continuing education credits (CEU) to the architectural community. We are industry partners with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and we continue to support this community with design assistance, technical support and innovative products.

Acoustic Separation with Motor Driven Operable Partitions (J756-05)

  1. Understand the importance of flexible space division – acoustic separation, revenue generation an more.
  2. Compare and contrast three types of electrically powered partitions (traditional, vertical stacking and vertical folding)
  3. Understand the acoustical performance properties, options available and how to best enhance performance
  4. Understand the structural considerations of these dynamic systems and the impact on the overall design of the building.
  5. Compare overall cost considerations for the various types of motorized acoustical partitions.

Flexible Space Design Trends (J756-05)

  1. Explore space utilization trends and challenges – doing more with less space, increasing the need for flexibility – in three major areas.
  2. Explore what space flexibility really means to the design professional, client, & those inhabiting space.
  3. Understand overall acoustics and acoustical ratings and how they are tested.
  4. Understand the importance of acoustical control in all types of spaces – how “noise” can affect productivity, learning and revenue.
  5. Explore how the need and demand for flexibility can impact the overall design of the space both structurally and aesthetically.

Designing with Translucent Panel Daylighting Systems (J525)

  1. Understand the benefits of daylighting both to building occupants and the bottom line.
  2. Examine the construction as well as features to look for when specifying a system. Compare light control and thermal performance to other materials.
  3. Understand how translucent panel systems can be used a variety of building types by looking at the unique benefits of both wall and skylight systems.
  4. Examine the reasons why translucent panel daylighting systems are a significant part of sustainable design, and how translucent panel systems may apply to specific LEED® categories.

Space Division for Today’s Flexible Designs (J577)

Credit: 1 HSW LU

Learning Objectives:
1. Why Flexible Space is necessary today.
2. The Types and Benefits of space division.
3. Types and descriptions of Sound Control Classes.
4. Overall Safety and Risks of space division solutions.
5. Current Design Trends in space division.

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